Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rearn Thai

My first real Thai experience since moving to Greensboro could not have been more wonderful. As I was seated beside a colorful, lush garden, I hadn’t quite braced myself for the outstanding flavors I was about to enjoy. Sipping on Thai Tea – black tea, topped with sweet cream – and hot Jasmine tea, my dining partner and I chose a sampler special to taste a little bit of everything. This is the way to go here: you’re exposed to several unbelievable flavors.

Pork Dumplings are a tasty first course, alongside a dipping sauce with a savory umami taste. I happily dunked the wontons in, and would have dunked my head in, too. A carrot flower provides a nice, fresh crunch, as does the leaf lettuce the dumplings rest on.

In a timely fashion, steamed rice appeared with four small bowls of intricately prepared entrees. What claims to be for 2 people easily serves 3-4. My favorite, the Seafood Combination, marries Octopus, White Fish and Shrimp with mixed vegetables – classics like Baby Corn, Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts. The depth of flavor in the broth is incredible. I couldn’t get enough. My second favorite featured Ground Chicken that had been cooked and seasoned with Thai Basil, Cilantro and Spring Onions. This combination will blow your mind. I’ve never had Thai food like this.

Ka-Rhee Curry with Chicken, Potatoes and Onions is creamy and a little sweet, lacking the heat one usually anticipates with curry. This dish set the best on top of the steamed rice, which soaked in all that rich broth. Chicken with Cashews, Spring Onions and Carrots would have been wonderful, had we not experienced the other three dishes. This was the least exciting, but still tasty. I adore the delightful crunch of a nut in my Thai food.

Dessert is one of my favorite things about Thai cuisine. Coconut Ice Cream is much like a sorbet. It’s heavenly. Luscious. Divine. Use the fried sweet sticks it comes with to shovel it into your mouth, as opposed to a spoon. Savor it. The perfectly rounded scoop melts beautifully on the clear dish.

The ultimate Thai dessert is Sticky Sweet Rice with Mango. My sweetie introduced this to me on an early date, and I’ve been sold (on both) ever since. The sweet and savory combination in the rice is indescribable. Notes of honey and sweetened condensed milk are present. If you haven’t tried this, Rearn Thai and Bangkok CafĂ© both have sensational renditions of this dish. The juicy freshness of the mango paired with the gooey, sticky rice is perfection. I thought that mixing the coconut sorbet with the rice and mango would make a delicious combination, but it’s just best to rotate the dishes and enjoy each of them in their own rite.

You will be so pleased with your experience at Rearn Thai. The friendly service, calming atmosphere and knock-your-socks off food ensure many a repeat visit from me.

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