Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Outwest Steakhouse

Outwest Steakhouse might just be Kernersville's best-kept secret. Don't let the name fool you - it might be a touch campy - but the food, service and atmosphere make it one of my new favorite restaurants. Our fabulous server offered frequent and appreciated check backs, and he answered several questions about the menu for us. I found it interesting that there's not a TV in the bar area, which makes this place not your best bet for the big game, but how refreshing it is to not be distracted by a big, glowing screen! The dining room is huge, and was packed on a Thursday evening. So maybe it's no longer a secret - this joint is apparently a hit.

Jumbo Sea Scallops
The wine list is ample, with a variety of price points. Warm dinner rolls with soft butter are complimentary, but it's worth every penny to order the Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops as an appetizer. Four plump, beautiful sea scallops are cooked perfectly - your fork just slides right through them - and the hickory-smoked bacon, tarragon and sherry cream sauce is super decadent. The salt from the bacon cuts nicely through the sweetness of the scallop and the richness of the cream. This could be a meal (and will probably be mine on my next visit.)

Grouper adorned with Asparagus
Though this is a steakhouse, you'd be remiss to overlook the seafood. Oven-roasted Black Grouper is a winner. The fish is thick, an appropriate portion, and encrusted with parmesan. You also get about 6 medium shrimp, swimming in a fabulous lemon chardonnay cream sauce. Pops of capers are a nice bite of acid, and grape tomatoes provide a bit of color. You also get 5 thick stalks of grilled asparagus on top. This is one of the most impressive seafood dishes I've had in a restaurant in a long time, though I've committed to trying the Blackened Tuna with Avocado Cream and Cilantro Vinaigrette next time.
Filet with a crown of Blue Cheese

The steak special was a 7-ounce Bacon-wrapped Filet with a Blue Cheese crust (HELLO! Someone knew I was coming!) The steak is a beautiful cut, and cooked a perfect medium rare. You can choose a house or Caesar salad, as well as a side, and when sauteed Brussels Sprouts with honey and bacon are an option, go with it. They practically tasted like candy.

Apple Cobbler

If you saved room for dessert - lucky you! Their variety of homemade options are impressive. The brown sugar and pecan-crusted Apple Cobbler boasts flavors of nuts and cinnamon, and an apple jack brandy sauce covers the dish. What makes it though, is the homemade cinnamon ice cream. The apple jack brandy was a bit reminiscent of (I hate to say it) a canned filling, but the ice cream and crumb topping made up for it.

Creme Brulee
I've had several renditions of creme brulee, and it's hard to beat a classic. While this wasn't my favorite, it's so pure and delicious, and the flecks of vanilla bean really signify the freshness and flavor. You know it's the real deal.

So what are you waiting for? Outwest is the next best place you haven't yet discovered. Be sure to go early - they don't take reservations for parties of 8 or less, and be prepared to wait at peak hours, especially during the weekend. But the wait will be worth it, I promise.