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Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to. Saying that it's absolutely gorgeous would be an understatement. I first went 17 years ago, when I was 10, and laugh when I think back on the memories that stood out from that trip - playing with my cousins, having a fish thrown over my head at Pike Place Market, a life-changing makeover at the MAC counter at the mall - as you might expect, experiencing this city as an adult is way more fun.

Beef & Cheese Piroshky
My family on the West Coast did a terrific job hosting me and taking me around the city for 4 of the warmest and most beautiful days Seattle has seen all year. The city is a smorgasboard of cultures, and therefore, cuisines. You'd be out of your mind not to spend the afternoon perusing Pike Place Market, where you can get Russian, Korean, French and Chinese cuisines and more, just by walking down the street. My favorite bite of the day was the BBQ Pork Bun at Mee Sum Pastry. Imagine a yeast donut with a very elastic dough, filled to the brim with savory, saucy BBQ Pork. It practically pops in your mouth, filling it with that divine meat. Le Panier has the most sensational French Macarons I've ever tried. My cousin proclaimed the Vanilla and Pistachio were the best flavors and I'll take his word for it. I happily dove into these pillowy yet slightly crunchy cookies, filled with a creamy, not overly-sweetened filling. You can smell the baked goods coming from Russian bakery Piroshky Piroshky as you walk by. It practically wraps its' yeast arm around you and invites you in(to the line that was formed outside). The Beef & Cheese pastry is the most popular, though they are all beautiful and uniquely shaped. It was worth every bite. I didn't want to get too full though, as we had a Savor Seattle Food Tour later that day! Small bites and drinks from 5 different establishments in the market - there's truly no better way to spend a Saturday.
Loved spending time with my cousin Spencer!
West Seattle is a a hip neighborhood near beautiful Alki Beach. We stopped for brunch at Hawaiian spot Ma'Ono, where only in Seattle would you find Mac'N'Kimcheese and Pork Fat Soup with Spam on the menu. You should definitely try Hawaiian fave Loco Moco (Portugese Sausage, Neck Bone Gravy and Grilled Pineapple), but save room for when you're exploring the neighborhood - you'll want to stop for treats at Cupcake RoyaleTop Pot Donuts and the famous Bakery Nouveau!

White Truffle Cheesecake!
One of my favorite bites during the whole trip was the White Truffle Cheesecake at Joule. You read that correctly: WHITE. TRUFFLE. CHEESECAKE. I love a savory cheesecake, but this was on the dessert menu, so naturally I was even more intrigued. Sure enough, the slightest note of rich truffle was among the lightly sweetened cream cheese, and the earthiness was a nice match to the Pecan crust. It was remarkable - one of the oddest and most exciting desserts I've ever had.
Cider Insanity!

The moment I read the words "Sriracha Lime Cider," I knew I was all in. Schilling Cider House in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle is where I would like to spend every lazy Sunday. My cousin and I each got a flight of 6 ciders, and the Sriracha Lime variety tasted like a tortilla chip, in the best way possible. Pair this with some salty chips and salsa verde and you've got happiness. Any cider fan would dig exploring all the unique options, which include Habanero, Blackberry and Pineapple, among others. I would be remiss not to mention Cafe Turko, right down the block from the Cider House. This restaurant honors Turkish cuisine in all the right ways. Start with velvety Yam Hummus, but you must order a Pide, which is like a flatbread boat. Ours contained every type of meat you'd want - lamb, beef, chicken and sucuk (dry, spicy sausage). I also gobbled up the Betyi Kebab, succulent beef wrapped in lavash bread and rolled like a burrito. You truly can't go wrong here.
Pide at Cafe Turko
I'd go back to Seattle in a heartbeat (DUH.) In fact, I'd go back tomorrow! There's still so much of the city for me to explore, though we knocked out quite a few neighborhoods and items on my "to eat" list. I can't thank this girl enough for making my trip so special. PSA to everyone: Seattle rocks.
With my cousin Jill. Love you girl!

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