Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fratellis Steakhouse

Fratellis Steakhouse in Winston-Salem has quickly become one of my favorites in the area. It's great for family dinners or special occasions, and they have a more casual bar for dates or getting together with friends. This location has been home to several restaurants throughout the years, including Staley's, Frankie Rowland's, and most recently, Old Staley's Bar and Grille. I'm thrilled that it has stayed Fratellis, and if they keep doing what they've been doing, I have no doubt it will stay here for a very long time.

Everything I've tried on the menu has been wonderful, including their craft cocktails. All entrees come with the Fratellis Family Salad, featuring apples, dried cranberries and pecans, or you can upgrade to the Wedge, my personal fave. Bacon, Grape Tomatoes, Gorgonzola crumbles and Gorgonzola dressing is a classic combination. It would be easy to get full on this, alongside their dinner rolls with herbed olive oil, but don't do it! There's a lot to look forward to with your entrees. The Greek Village Salad could serve as an entree though, with Tomatoes, Cukes, Kalamata Olives, Onion, Bell Peppers and Feta Cubes (!!) over chopped Romaine. It's like eating a delicious garden. The crunch and freshness of the ingredients is wonderful.

Being that it's an Italian joint, you know Fratellis is going to have a killer pizza. Their chicken pizza has mushrooms, caramelized onions, bacon and spinach and rivals just about any pizza you've had anywhere. The crust and sauce are so flavorful, and the slices aren't TOO big, so you don't feel guilty having 3 or 4.

My favorite entree is their Seabass. It is outstanding. The fish is incredibly tender, and served atop flavorful lemon basil risotto, with cherry tomatoes for a bite of acid and a pop of color. Add some capers and a drizzle of feta cream, and you have a killer dish. It's hard for me to not get this every time I come here!

You could also opt for any of their flavorful steaks, with crusts like mushroom marsala, homemade boursin or horseradish cream. I also like to order their tender scallops a la carte, which come 8 ounces to an order, which equals anywhere between 4-8 scallops. This dish comes with two sides, and the sides alone could be a satisfying and fulfilling meal. Parmesan-blistered corn is exactly what it sounds like: charred corn is sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Needless to say, it's delicious. Roasted Brussels Sprouts are made even more delectable when they're paired with crunchy, sweet apples, and chewy, salty bacon. They're really hitting on all flavor and texture points here. Fratellis gnocchi is some of the best I've ever had. It has incredible flavor and is toothsome, so it doesn't just wilt away. It's sprinkled with salty parmesan cheese for extra decadence.

You must save room for dessert, whether it's their signature Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding, or my favorite, the Bananas Foster. This isn't the traditional Bananas Foster you're used to, either. A thick slice of buttery pound cake is topped with a caramel rum sauce, sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream and the star of the show: candied pretzels. The pretzels give a necessary salty crunch to break up the richness of the dish. It's one of the best restaurant desserts I've ever had. My party and I went HAM on it (look it up on urban dictionary) and it was difficult to resist ordering another one immediately.

I love Fratellis. If you live in Winston and haven't been, make a trip here ASAP. Reservations are recommended, because the word is getting out that this place is the jam. We have plans to return for my parents' anniversary later this month and I can't wait. That will also mark the 5th anniversary of my blog! Holy cow. Time sure flies when you're seeing great flicks and eating killer food.

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