Friday, September 15, 2023

Glasshouse Kitchen

Glasshouse Kitchen is a trendy new addition to the RTP area. Driving up, it's instantly recognizable - it's hard to miss the big glass structure - and inside, it feels like a greenhouse with stunning ferns and greenery adorning the walls. The bar practically stretches the entire length of the restaurant, which was consistently busy throughout our meal. It's easy to see why - the food and service was an absolute treat. The folks at Glasshouse know how to take care of their customers.

The restaurant changes their menu frequently and is rooted in seasonal offerings. It would be a mistake to not order the Bread Service - while I love a place that offers complimentary bread, when you pay for it, you know it's going to be special. Four warm, fluffy rolls made with Whole Grain Einkorn Flour are sprinkled liberally with sea salt, and are the perfect vessel for a sweet and spicy Sorghum Chili Butter. The room temperature butter allows the warm rolls to soak up these incredibly palate-stimulating flavors.

Burrata is always a favorite, and the rendition we had included Golden and Red Beets, Greens and a very unique Polenta Foccacia. Glasshouse's bread game is on point. I had never tried einkorn flour before, and certainly had never tried a foccacia made with polenta. The bread was crunchy on the outside and surpringly soft on the inside. Delightful. 

An enormous pile of Local Greens is tossed with Shallots and Ricotta Salata, and drizzled with a Lemon Vinaigrette. Very fresh, and a nice balance if you order one of their pizzas (you should). We opted for the Lamb Sausage Pizza, complete with Harissa and Mint. The crust had a nice chew - again with the great bread! - and the sauce was tangy and acidic. It's hard for me to resist lamb anything, and this was some of the better lamb sausage I've had.

The "Fried Fish for Two" would be more appropriately named "Fried Fish for Four", both for the sake of alliteration and for the amount of food. We enjoyed Black Bass with a crispy, salty, light crust, sitting in a pool of Chili-Lime Coconut Broth that packed quite a punch. I absolutely loved this broth, which was thicker, like a sauce, with a crazy depth of flavor. It's served with Jasmine Rice and Greens, and some Turnips and Radishes for crunch. This was a beautiful presentation and I hate that I didn't capture a photo of it (or of any of the dishes!)

I was quite impressed with Glasshouse Kitchen. I like giving restaurants a minute to find their footing and work out the kinks, and after about a year of being open, they most certainly have figured it out. It's here to stay.