Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lucky 32

I have to get the word out before Lucky 32's summer menu leaves us. Summer has already slipped through my fingertips, but if I have to wait a whole 8 months before I can have this again, I think I’ll just die. The second I read the description for the Whimsical Watermelon, I was sold. Juicy, perfectly ripened Watermelon serves as the base of a unique salad, featuring Country Ham (which was a bit more like Prosciutto than the warm, crispy country ham I’m used to), Mint and Housemade Ricotta. This flavor combination danced in my mouth, and has an incredible depth of savoriness. The use of vinegar is remarkable and so much smarter than just table salt. This is a quintessential summer dish.

To continue my a la carte lunch, Beans and Kale Greens trick you into eating something healthy, because it's so darn good. You'll think you’re eating vinegary Collard Greens since the kale is cooked and seasoned perfectly. This is another wonderful savor-bomb. Don’t fear kale, especially when roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper – but that’s for another blog. All dishes are served with homemade wheat bread. Spread a bit of soft, salted butter on and you’re in heaven.

The only other dining experience I've had at Lucky 32 was with the Carolina Cobb Salad, a classic "ladies who lunch" meal. Roasted Chicken, Blue Cheese, Avocado and Egg are wonderful to dip in Buttermilk Herb Dressing. Again, the crispy Country Ham that I’m used to was missing and was quite similar to Prosciutto (and there was a heavy hand making my salad that day), but the dressing is something to return for.

I hear the Fried Chicken rocks the house, and luckily that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Chef Jay Pierce came over to say hello to my dining partner, and was as pleasant as he could be. I look forward to his fall creations which, if I'm lucky, will feature an exquisite pumpkin dish.

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