Friday, March 26, 2021

Cuisine & Screen: At Home, Part 38

I've officially passed the ONE YEAR mark of doing C&S: At Home posts. I'm eager (like everyone else) to start dining in restaurants again, sitting in theatres and traveling out the wazoo, but I promise to keep doing these at home posts because it's been such a fun outlet for me. I hope they've been just as thrilling for you. And spring has sprung - my beautiful daffodils premiered this week!

Another meatless Monday edition (you've been warned!) But this one is crazy satisfying and very easy to customize. 

Bon Appetit's Green Curry Lentil Soup strikes the perfect balance of savory, salty and umami, and it's slightly sweet from the coconut milk. As I was eating this, my imagination ran wild thinking of additional ingredients I'd add next time to make it even better! I used butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes (because that's what I had) and I would double the veggies and lentils next time, to make the soup a bit thicker. You could also omit the lentils entirely and serve this over rice, and even add some shrimp. And just a heads up - I used half the green curry paste it called for. Give this vegetarian meal (vegan if you use vegetable broth!) a shot - you'll be surprised how satisfied you are! Here's a link to the recipe.

Coneheads - I took a break from my Oscar-nominated films to watch a 1990s classic. What seemed like a pretty ridiculous premise ended up being actually very heart-warming. I love a good SNL film because the cast is just ridiculous - Dan Aykroyd, Chris Farley, Sinbad, Michael McKean, Phil Hartman, Tim Meadows - how can you not love them all?! The film follows the Conehead family as they struggle to find their way from Earth back to their home planet. It's silly, yes, but the dialogue is funny and delivered fast. This film may not have aged very well over the past 30 years, but I admit that I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times.

Coming 2 America - I'm a big fan of the first "Coming to America", so I'm kind of questioning why we needed a sequel to an iconic classic, and over 30 years later! Eddie Murphy reprises his role as Prince Akeem in the unnecessary albeit funny sequel, and there are a ton of wonderful supporting actors - Leslie Jones and Tracy Morgan to name a few. Prince Akeem discovers he had a son out of wedlock, and the film follows their relationship, as he is the rightful heir to the throne. I think a more interesting story might have been the one focused on Prince Akeem and his eldest daughter, and her becoming Queen. Alas, I am not a screenwriter. There are some laughs, but not nearly as many as the first. The production and costume design are still on point, though!

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